Current limits and safety

The current limit set in the motor configuration (typically 120A/-120A) is not the actual limit that float package uses. The float package changes the limit based on ATR and torque tilt setpoints. I suggest that there should be more intrinsic or explicit safety concerning this limit and it’s relationship with these features so that users know how to set a safe absolute max amperage. Otherwise, less experienced riders could crash by setting absolute max amps too low, even if there appears to be plenty of margin. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Add to the help text on ATR/torue tilt max angle to indicate the relationship with current limit.
  2. Apply the math opposite so that lack of ATR response subtracts from the current limit. At max ATR angle we would hit the current limit set in motor configuration. This can then be increased to 150A.
  3. Add a check for absolute max current compared to max ATR/torque tilt angle and current limit. Indicate a potential issue on the AppUI.