Constant voltage Hall Sensors

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on my VESC Onewheel XR and I’m encountering an issue when running the motor configuration. It appears to be detecting ‘Sensorless’. I suspect there might be a problem with the wiring of my hall sensors, so I decided to use a multimeter for troubleshooting. The wires seem to be fine, but the voltages are not. Here are the results I obtained:

  • Pins: 5v & gnd = 5.05v (looks good)
  • Pins: 5v & hall1 = 2.28 volts (constant, even when I turn the motor)
  • Pins: 5v & hall2 = 2.32 volts (constant, even when I turn the motor)
  • Pins: 5v & hall3 = 3.08 volts (constant, even when I turn the motor)

I was surprised to see constant voltage values for each hall sensor. Later, I disconnected the 6-pin hall sensor cable and measured 5.06v between the 5v and gnd pins, while getting a constant reading of 1.73 volts for each hall pin.

I have a Little Focer V3.1, CBXR Battery and ENNOID-BMS XLITE-V3.
Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this issue?

Thank you!

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