Configuration Tutorial - Step by Step

This is a step by step config tutorial - WIP:

Important: Use a computer, not your phone if possible. It can be done on the phone but is not recommended!

Place your board somewhere where the wheel can spin freely and the board is level: racks, a storage crate, etc. not your lap!!




this is where im getting hung up i can run the motor config wizard but i dont know where to find a known good motor confuguration and app configuration. is there a link im not seeing?

I’ve got full configurations for Dado’s V6 Firmware here: Nico's Stable V6 Tune (with optional Full Configs!)

The only thing I might change for just getting started, is setting Yaw P (App CFG → Balance → Multi-ESC) to 0. This value on its own can sometimes cause issues depending on the board, so it’s best to deal with that last as to not confuse yourself. Once it’s up and running, then try bumping it back up.

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