Concerning Noise when using Angular Rate Adder

Switched over from the beta ATR firmware to 5.3.004 Stable, which uses an angular rate adder (defined in Yaw P) as an alternative to D. However, when bumping up the Angular Rate KP anywhere above 0 will introduce a concerning low humming noise from the motor, shown in the attached video. Higher values will produce a much louder sound. I haven’t used any values above 0.6 either, only have used suggested values.

I’ve messed with app configuration settings, including some suggested by Hannes, I’ve tried redoing motor config and even IMU calibration, but nothing will get rid of the noise outside of setting Angular Rate KP to 0 or switching firmware back to ATR or v2. Any ideas on what’s going on here?

To update on this, it was discovered that the sound was due to some unusual relationship between the Angular Rate Adder and a Zero Vector Frequency (FOC → Advanced) of 20 kHz. Any value beyond (above and below) 20kHz works completely fine with negligible additional noise, I’m now running 24 kHz with no issue.

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Oh interesting. I have to run 30 kHz otherwise it bothers my ears too much ha

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