CLOSED - Servo Buzzer Improvements - DC Pushback and Sensor Faults

CLOSED - Added in v1 Float Package

I was just thinking it might be nice if we had:

  • Option for enabling an alert via the servo buzzer for when the duty cycle threshold reached in addition to Duty Cycle tilt back itself.
  • Option for disabling footpad sensor servo buzzer alerts as the random beeping can become distracting when riding in rough terrain. Maybe this could just be tied to disable moving faults if a toggle or something isn’t easily attainable?

@surfdado - I think I had mentioned these to you, but not sure how interested others might be in these behaviors.

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I’m fine with both to be added in the next float package version

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Updated to “CLOSED”. These improvements were added to v1 of Float Package. Thanks @surfdado / @NicoAleman