Charger Compatibility and Port Question 75v VESC and GT Chargers

Simple question. If you went with a 75v pack like the MEAT pack (18s2p ME4T Pack (50S Cells)), would you be able to use a stock GT charger? We have a house full of GTs.

Can that port be purchased? Is it a GX16 3pin?

Yes you sure can! I have one that I cut the wire and soldered on an XLR plug. But you could instead make a female GT to XLR adapter and keep it in your riding bag in case you need to borrow someone’s GT charger while on a ride.

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Yup, did that as well. I soldered female/male XT60’s on in to have the choice to charge GT or my 75v VESC build.

When I checked my GT charger the pin polarity was backwards from my other VESC chargers. Make sure you check.