CBCSO Daly BMS troubleshooting

So, latest firmware rides great, but I have an issue about half the time when I power up my board. Seems to happen more often after charging, but it happens when I boot the VESC even when it hasn’t been charging. I hear the startup noise, see the power switch light up, and then the BMS shuts down. No faults on the screen, but the Chg MOS and Dischg MOS are greyed out. Through trial and error, rebooting the BMS doesn’t help, but disabling then re-enabling the Discharge MOS seems to fix it.

Any ideas? I already updated the max cell and max SumVolt to the recommended values. Does anyone have a datasheet or instructions for the BMS that Chi put in the CBCSO? The app is hard to understand.

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The BMS shuts down, meaning your board turns off?

Yeah, I hear the startup whine from the VESC, and then the power light on the switch turns off and the board goes dead. No response from VESC tool, but the Daly Smart BMS tool can communicate; and once I re-enable the discharge MOS it’s fine.

Scary fast in fact; doing some midnight rips down the street I have yet to hit pushback; going to suit up in my motorcycle gear one night and see how fast this thing goes now. Once I get the BMS to cooperate it runs fine, but it’s not very confidence inspiring.

Had it at the MTB park a few nights ago and it was awesome, and my daughter was taking it up ramps at the skate park that our Pint X couldn’t even attempt, but it’s odd how the BMS decides to not play sometimes.

My BMS was doing something similar. There’s a sleep timer for the BMS, and it shuts down if it’s inactive for longer than that timer. When you turn your board on, the BMS is supposed to wake up, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t for some reason. I need to get on my board, and have it start drawing power, at which point the board SHUTS OFF as the BMS boots. Apparently some current has to pass through the BMS to actually wake it up.

I found an easy fix though. I turn on my board, push it forward with my foot, causing some regen current to go through the system, and this wakes the BMS, thereby preventing it from doing it’s little boot cycle while I’m on the board. After that I can ride until my heart’s content.

I also changed the sleep time to go off after 10 hours instead of 1. That way I only have to do this once a day if I ride.

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That sounds about right. I’ll look into that when I get back to my board tonight. Thanks!