CBCSO Cells balancing?

Can anyone verify that their cbcso is in fact balancing the cells? Just noticed in the app that the ‘balance status’ is off in both the home screen and the active balance section (screenshots attached). Not sure if it’s relevant but I’m assuming it should be on. There’s no way to toggle it to be on either.

Also side note, what is the SOC function? I noticed mine has always been at 0% but then adjusted it to 45.6% to match Phillip’s settings.

There’s an option to balance actively, vs just balancing during charging. The cells should get balanced without you doing anything as long as you charge your battery all the way and let it sit for a bit.

But yes, the user interface of that app is confusing af - and Chi is of little help it seems… not even sure that they understand it :slight_smile:

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It’s frustrating af! I left it charged for 72 hours and the average voltage has dropped to 4.195 and voltage difference to 0.094. Would be nice to get some official clarification on how it’s balancing.

Have you asked Chi support?

Tbh, I also don’t see any evidence of my cells being balanced no matter how long I leave the charger connected. If anything the imbalance increases as time goes on. I’m now at 0.031V imbalance

Quick update on my loaner-CBCSO: on the 3rd day the cells have become balanced down to 0.01 Volts - so the balancing does appear to work for me

Great to hear. Did the balance feature toggle on/green at any point?

I’m replugging in the cbcso for balancing again, and I can see within 5 minutes the voltage difference went up from 0.087 to 0.090, avg voltage still 4.195…

have you ridden it since? It may not balance anymore right now, probably doesn’t work like the FM BMS. Just ride it down to 20-30% and charge again. That’s what did it for me

Good call, have not ridden it for 5 days, been trying to balance it completely.

The avg voltage went back up to 4.2, but voltage difference now 0.098 :grimacing: I’ll give it a ride today and see, thanks!

Mine is now all the way down to 0.005 after the 3rd charge/ride cycle

Hey, chiming in here to mention that when my CBCSO is on the charger at 100%, it sits at about .035 delta V-

But once I start riding and it’s below 90%, all the cells become nearly perfectly balanced, to the point that the lowest/highest cell indicator constantly jumps around to different cells because they’re so close to each other in voltage.

When you’re on the wheel, I’d be curious if your cells exhibit the same characteristic.

Same for me - 0.02x after charging, 0.005 after half a mile of riding

I first rode it down to 82.2V and Diff volt went down from 0.094 to 0.029. Balance feature actually kicked in for first 5 min, turned off then charger went green, balance kicked in for another 25s, never kicked on again. My Diff volt has now jumped to 0.1V after 12 hours… Any ideas? :roll_eyes: