Build Guide with GT and AvaSpark GTV kit for UBOX 100/100

18s2p stock GT battery, Pickleworks drop-in BMS, UBOX 100/100, Tech Rails GT motor plug, AvaSpark VESC adapter plate, footpad connector, and Gen 2 RGB kit.

See my build guide here:
VESC Balance Board Build Guide #3 (UBOX 100 GTV)

Constructive criticism is appreciated!

The stock GT battery (18s2p) and motor will get you comparable performance to the GT-S and about 20% more range. If you wear out the stock battery or decide to sell it, the GT battery box will fit a 20s2p battery (Indy Speed Control and Board Garage sell them, among others). The Pickleworks BMS in this guide and the BMS in the Floatwheel GTV kit only support 18s2p battery packs, so you can either sell the BMS for about $100 and get another BMS that supports more cells, or do your own DIY GTV kit as described in the linked build guide, and in either case use a BMS like an Ennoid Xlite and an AvaSpark GT balance breakout board. The Floatwheel drop-in GTV kit is a lot easier than DIY GTV, but the latter might be a better choice if you have soldering skills, and is possibly is little less expensive (DIY is definitely less expensive if you forego lights).