Board nose angling up

Hi all,

New VESC user. I have a OG Pint board with a chi battery systems quart battery and a ubox 100 controller. Generally speaking my new setup seems to be working and responding as expected except for one issue.

When I get on the board at first it rides level, but as soon as I start to ride and pick up speed the nose starts to angle up a lot. If I come to a stop the board will eventually level out again, then I start to ride again and nose goes up.

I’m not sure what settings to look at/adjust to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated.


So I figured it out. Tiltback was due to high voltage setting on the float app. It was at 55v and I upped it to 64.5v. I have a 15 cell pack. Seems to be behaving as expected now.