Board completely shut off when riding


I just went for a ride on my new Vesc and the board completely shut off on my with no warnings at 46% duty cycle and 15km an hour. I was on a flat bit of road. This was the float control screen when the board turned off:

I went down hard as there was no audible warning and no pushback but I was padded up which helped. I couldn’t turn the board back on but luckily I was only 300m from my house. When I plugged it back in it turned on straight away. I’ve only done 4km since converting my xr so haven’t got a lot of knowledge yet.

XR board, little foccer 3.1, CBCSO and Surfdado’s V4 firmware.

I just loaded up Nico’s tune but changed P to 22 and Mahony KP to 2.2.

I’m guessing this is a battery issue. I’d already changed the bms settings as per Surfdado’s CBCSO video:

And these are my Vesc settings

Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened?

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I’m not sure if this is related but may help with troubleshooting.

One of my cells was high the first time I connected to the app:

It is still below the 4.4 cell volt high protect. But it is so much higher than the other cells and assuming this is not normal, but it’s a new pack and all this is new to me.

This seemed to ‘balance’ after charging it and riding it the first time and this is what the bms screen looked like once I plugged it back in after the board shut off on me:

Still high but coming back in to balance.

I checked the battery again this morning out of interest (I’m not riding it again until I get this solved) and it is fully charged but that cell is really high again and the others are low:

The bms says that it is fully charged now and the CBCSO doesn’t appear to balance the cells unless it is actively charging so I’m not sure keeping it plugged in will help. I’ve heard that the cells might come back into balance from riding it but I’m not keen after the last shut off.


So just another update. I asked the question on the Onewheel Vesc Facebook group as no one had seen this on here in a couple of days and everyone agrees that the CBCSO is toast. I’ll contact Chi and update here if anything interesting or helpful comes out of it.

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