BMS options and pros/cons of each

Running no bms sketches me out. I keep my vesc in an open space in my garage where it could catch on fire with minimal damage if it did. I worry about overcharging a cell when charging and try to stop it around 90% to be safe. Also leaving the board on forever worries me that I could take cells too low.

I would like to gather information on the best BMS options and put something in the FAQ category about various bms options and advantages and risks of each. The few I am aware of are:


Anyone have details they would like to share on these options?

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For my Pint conversion I decided to use the stock FM BMS.

Ease of use (Recycling stock FM components)
Easy modification (Little effort involved beside bridging the connections)

Current setup does not balance cells.
Won’t allow my charger to fully charge my 15s2p setup. (Charges pack to a max of 61v-62v)

I should note that it’s very possible my BMS is bad. Either way it charges my pack so I’m content for now. I’m planning to swap it out eventually.

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