Bluetooth remote potential

Hey everyone! I just joined up on this forum. I’ve been thinking it’d be cool to connect various settings from the VESC tool to a hand-held remote controller connected over bluetooth.

I can see putting tilt angle or aggressiveness on the remote being pretty dope. I haven’t seen anything on this yet so I’m curious if there’s been any chatter or if someone’s already tried it!

I found this remote and it seems like it could do the job with it’s own wireless adapter.


also my bad I probably put this in the wrong category haha

Hey Wren,
A quick way to change a bunch of settings would be useful, like specific profiles. Do you not ride with a phone?

Oh I definitely ride with my phone, but it’d be nice to not have to whip it out every time I want to make a simple and super quick change.

Plus the remote I linked has a display which could show speed and duty cycle on it! That’d be FAR less precarious to hold than a phone when riding sketchy.

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The remote looks pretty cool but I must admit one of the reasons I went OW is I hated riding a board with a remote in my hand. What about adding an audio warning to your VESC or do you really want to be able to look at the actually duty cycle and speed on the fly? Does the Float control app work on an apple watch?

Oh I agree about the brilliance of NOT having a remote when onewheeling! But the promise of VESC is full customization over the most specific of settings and I’m now just trying to think outside the box.

Again my main desire is to quickly and easily adjust settings without having to look at ANYthing. Like I feel having the tilt angle tied to the trigger would be dope so when I’m about to hit a steep hill, I prep by pulling the trigger to pump up the nose. I know there’s dynamic tilt control but I wonder if having something more proactive rather than reactive would be useful.


Maybe I’m missing something but you still got to stop the board to load settings changes?

I mean, dang ok. I was presuming that live adjustment was possible. If it’s not then yeah that defeats the entire point of this idea haha

Maybe it can eventually be a thing?

dude thanks for signing up and posting Wren! This got me thinking, maybe there should be a category for feature requests? Makes sense to me.

I like the idea of being able to change modes easily. What if the remote control could be super identifiable voice commands with audio acknowledgement of mode changes, like the gopro beeps? Another thing to carry seems burdensome.

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VESC default behavior is to throw you off the board when you write app settings… But I’ve been doing live changes with FloatControl for a while now. So it’s definitely possible, just needs some minor changes in the firmware


Been wanting some kind of option that would let you override footpad sensors and change tiltback angle on the fly.

if its somewhere in the pileline that is cool!

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it’s not in anyone’s pipeline afaik - you can change tilt mid-ride with FloatControl and ATR firmware

I may actually look into this over the Winter if i have a chance. While not as “immersive” of a ride, I’ve always thought having extra control over your setpoint with a remote like the Hoyt St Puck could be a serious game changer that opens up so many more doors to extreme riding (think EUC style jumps), and would just be a valuable asset for racing. For like 99.9% of riders though, ATR is more than enough haha.

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I have tried using Siri for this, but she likes taking her sweet-ass time when I ask her to lift the nose or switch profiles…


I would just approach it with a spring loaded throttle (neutral with forward and backward throttle), so basically a typical eskate remote, and the throttle position determines a target angle that’s added to the setpoint at a configured tilt and release rate, just like any other tiltback. It seems like it would be pretty straight forward implementation. Have no idea how troublesome it would be to reference a remote’s throttle position through the Balance App, but I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too hard.

Bonus, if using a remote with vibration capability, I bet you could also have vibration trigger at a certain duty cycle threshold :wink:


The screen for speed and amps/fault readout would be hella dope in addition to extra board control inputs. The kind of stuff FM can’t even dream of!

I think to pull it off you would need super secure mounting for the remote on the board somewhere visible. Building in wireless charging would be the cherry on top.

Lmao take the same tech and somehow fit it in a helmet/HUD and you have reached Tony Stark status.

Hoyt Puck remote has been secured. Let’s see what we can do with this thing :sunglasses: @wren I primarily plan to try implementing the idea of a pro-active input based tiltback like you described, but if you have any other ideas for what you might like to see possible with an eskate style remote, let me know!

Diving into some unknown territory for myself trying to implement this, but I’ve had the same exact concept on my mind ever since I got into VESC early this year and just have to give it a shot. It would open so many doors from racing purposes, to EUC-style jumps, to conquering crazy technical trails with steep inclines and declines.

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Hell yeah Nico!!! I’m so glad you’re going for it! Keep me in the know about what you find. I’ll grab one of those remotes too if you get something working!

Also, upon revisiting this page I discovered I never posted what I’d written as a follow up. Better late than never, right?

"I’ve been thinking a lot about those big mountain bike jumps at the lake Cunningham sports park from the western qualifying races. The ones that EUCs can hit really well but Onewheels can’t at all. I felt like I was really starting to nail the trick for getting to the top of those ramps but there were several more that were just impossibly steep. The problem is nose tilt - it can’t get up and out of the way in time.

I just can’t help but feel that a remote trigger which controls nose tilt would be SO helpful on those types of ramps. Being able to have the nose tilt up at the ramp on command rather than waiting for dynamic torque to lift it, or any sensor for that matter. We could learn how to anticipate the response of the board and time it so that we don’t get tail drag.

Imagine combining that with a quick surge in power, beyond the necessary extra power needed to tilt up your board at speed. I’m talking a momentary throttle override to add extra juice into the jump. Obviously that defeats the self-balancing aspect of the device but if you’re already braced for a jump and will be in the air a moment later I think it could work. Landing will be… well I’m gonna worry about that later lol.

Now, perhaps that’s crazy talk with the current hardware and is still a long ways off. Probably. Maybe? I just can’t help but see onewheeling head to pools and vert ramps in the not too distant future if this can be solved. That, and probably a lot of IMU challenges with balancing a board sideways on a ramp haha.

But for now I’d LOVE to experiment with some sort of real time feedback from an input device. I wonder what kind of unusual settings could prove fun to play with? Can I live adjust board tilt with Float Control?"