Bluetooth remote potential

Hey everyone! I just joined up on this forum. I’ve been thinking it’d be cool to connect various settings from the VESC tool to a hand-held remote controller connected over bluetooth.

I can see putting tilt angle or aggressiveness on the remote being pretty dope. I haven’t seen anything on this yet so I’m curious if there’s been any chatter or if someone’s already tried it!

I found this remote and it seems like it could do the job with it’s own wireless adapter.

also my bad I probably put this in the wrong category haha

Hey Wren,
A quick way to change a bunch of settings would be useful, like specific profiles. Do you not ride with a phone?

Oh I definitely ride with my phone, but it’d be nice to not have to whip it out every time I want to make a simple and super quick change.

Plus the remote I linked has a display which could show speed and duty cycle on it! That’d be FAR less precarious to hold than a phone when riding sketchy.

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The remote looks pretty cool but I must admit one of the reasons I went OW is I hated riding a board with a remote in my hand. What about adding an audio warning to your VESC or do you really want to be able to look at the actually duty cycle and speed on the fly? Does the Float control app work on an apple watch?

Oh I agree about the brilliance of NOT having a remote when onewheeling! But the promise of VESC is full customization over the most specific of settings and I’m now just trying to think outside the box.

Again my main desire is to quickly and easily adjust settings without having to look at ANYthing. Like I feel having the tilt angle tied to the trigger would be dope so when I’m about to hit a steep hill, I prep by pulling the trigger to pump up the nose. I know there’s dynamic tilt control but I wonder if having something more proactive rather than reactive would be useful.


Maybe I’m missing something but you still got to stop the board to load settings changes?

I mean, dang ok. I was presuming that live adjustment was possible. If it’s not then yeah that defeats the entire point of this idea haha

Maybe it can eventually be a thing?

dude thanks for signing up and posting Wren! This got me thinking, maybe there should be a category for feature requests? Makes sense to me.

I like the idea of being able to change modes easily. What if the remote control could be super identifiable voice commands with audio acknowledgement of mode changes, like the gopro beeps? Another thing to carry seems burdensome.

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VESC default behavior is to throw you off the board when you write app settings… But I’ve been doing live changes with FloatControl for a while now. So it’s definitely possible, just needs some minor changes in the firmware

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