Bluetooth Problems (Help)

Hi, I am working on my first VESC build and ran into an issue using the Bluetooth iPhone app for VESC. I noticed that I have to power cycle the VESC after writing any app config setting. This only happens when making changes to the app config over Bluetooth. Also, it will periodically disconnect from the iPhone app. Is this behavior normal? I am using the LittleFocker V3.1 and the “VESC_5.3_ATR24/Little_FOCer_V3_1” firmware with Nico’s motor and app .XML configs.

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Has Nico published ATR configs? Please make sure the configs match your firmware. Also, how did the board behave on regular firmware? Was everything fine?

I was using his stable v6 .xml with the 24ATR firmware. I figured that might be the issue so I switched to the stable v6 firmware with similar results. I have since tried reinstalling the stable V6 firmware without configuring any other settings or using any .XML configuration. This resolved the issue where the vesc needed to be power cycled after a change to the app configs but the iPhone vesc app still periodically disconnects from the vesc.

The Little FOCer internal bluetooth is very weak, periodic disconnects are quite common.

Okay, that’s good to know. Thanks!