Bluetooth connection on windows 10

I am pretty tech savy and for the life of me cannot get the Vesc Tool app to connect on Bluetooth. I can connect if I use my android phone and enable passthrough, then connect using the phones IP address. I would rather be able to use the built in bluetooth on the pc.

Lol, if it makes you feel better - Bluetooth just doesn’t work on Windows

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Yeah, I don’t know of a single person who has been able to get that working. The bridged mode works well enough, though.

Hate to necro a post, but…

I was just able to pair the LilFocer v3.1 in Windows 10. Go to add a BT device with the board turned on, you should see it. Once paired, Vesc Tool was able to connect by going to Connections>Bluetooth LE and refresh.

Yup, this is now possible with the latest VESCTool! I have had issues with it though, where it doesnt seem to work half the time still, and having bluetooth enabled on Windows prevents me from connecting on mobile, even after unpairing on Windows. I still just stick to TCP Bridge for the most part, it seems way more reliable.