Best tune for trail riding on standard 15s pack (no bms)

Got my vesc back together today and excited to try ATR and @surfdado fw! Have only tried stock 5.3 so far with Hannes tune card and have only really done an hour or so of trail testing. It’s hard to believe that was way back in June and my VESC has sat disassembled for 2.5 months. I know @MaddMax and @NicoAleman are both running 84V and are having success learning the shaping. I think Riley too (don’t know his handle on here). And I know @vescmann is crushing trails, I think with a standard pack? @vescmann have you tried both?

So my question is, do you all think it is possible to achieve similar performance (obviously slightly less torque/top speed) as the 84V experiences on a stock battery pack? Or do I need the 84V? I don’t need to go 31 atm :slight_smile: and would be fine with XR performance levels for now. If I can have fun on the trail comfortably up to low 20s and get to know the feel of the shaping, I would love to just get familiar with it. Hopefully I can help refine things as I get used to it. Thinking then I can upgrade to 84V later, probably in the spring. I don’t have time to train on both for racing right now so will not be using this for racing for the time being.

Does anyone have an xml or tune card optimized for trail riding on a standard 15s pack?

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From my understanding, the gains you get from higher voltage are really only present in higher speeds, where available duty cycle and torque really drop off the faster you go. I’m currently running with my battery current at 35A, which is about the same you can get out of a stock pack (30A), so the torque I’m getting should be similar to what you’d get out of a stock pack, it’ll just drop off quicker when you get into the 18+ mph range like an XR does (if I understand correctly, could very well be very wrong lol, take my word with a grain of salt).

My tune XML is actually manually edited so that it doesn’t override any personalized info like battery values, startup/fault/pushback values, etc, so as long as you backup just in case, you should be able to just load it up and ride no problem. The only thing I might change when running a lower voltage pack is potentially raising the duty cycle that Field Weakening kicks in, so that you can retain torque on trails for a bit longer before Field Weakening takes effect.

If you ever wanna try mine out and have any questions or need help with it at all, just lmk!

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Thanks @NicoAleman ! I will definitely try your tune and be in touch. Then we can compare at FLF.

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I totally agree with Nico despite ever tested Vesc on a stock battery. But I get similar performance with my CBSP just not that top speed I get with my 84V TORque pack. I will see the difference very soon as a lot of my freinds here convert to VESC and I will setup all their boards with different batteries but with the same tune. That will be interesting.

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Hey Nico, I am new to Vesc and have the makerspev plug and play controller. I would like to try your settings if possible. I’ve been having issues with the nose dipping. Thanks in advance.

You can find them here! Nico's Racing/Shredding Tune Card