Battery padding Foam

With the inclusion of full metal cases does anyone have a recommendation for padding like the kind FM puts on the outside of their battery packs?


I think this is a great idea and something I have been thinking about. I have personally watched Dom and Austen go through so many CBXRs over the first few years they existed. Seemed like chi had 4 or 5 out on a revolving loop for each of them pretty much all the time. And I watched plenty of them break, seemingly always from impact.

I get we want maximum voltage and torque, but with the Chi and JW aftermarket solutions for FM products, there was no regard to impact resistance at all. Just cram the absolute maximum amount of cells. It resulted in a really unreliable product for hard trail riding.

I would love to see a battery and enclosure designed for a good balance of impact resistance to voltage. I have not compared 80v to 84v on a common tune, but in theory I would gladly sacrifice 4V for some thoughtful padding and spacing in the design. Seems like the enclosure would need to be purpose built for a specific battery pack design or vice versa.