Battery and controller box Goretex vents? Im not noticing it vs FM builds

Hi all, im just noticing that no ones discussed the use of goretex vents on eitehr controller or battery boxes. In your opinions, is this necessary for pressure and humidity control?

Let’s be honest, the 3D printed boxes are not exactly waterproof. I feel it’s necessary and they could easily be added to any box… The Torx box has one and I would want one on a quality waterproof box, but not too worries about the current throw away printed boxes most of us have.


I’m using the floatboxx (aluminium controller box) so for me it makes sense to have a vent, but I’m having a hard time finding anything, would you (or anyone else) know where to get breathable patches similar to the ones FM uses?

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Badger had them, but is no longer in business. I believe 1wheelparts sells them also?

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Badger torque boxes are on the TFL site now - Badger TORque Box (XR) – The Float Life

I just bought a stack of em so i know they are in stock haha.

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I got mine through aliexpress for cheap. Just send the rep the dimensions and they send you a few samples