Anti-spark solutions for XT60 connectors

I have a setup which requires frequent replugging of XT60 battery power to and from the VESC power input.
Despite the Lil Focers integrated anti-spark, i seem to be getting constant sparks across my pins, which is causing considerable wear to the plug.
Other than retrofitting the XT60 with an XT90-S, are there any solutions to this issue? I understand simply wacking on a resistor may help. However, i feel this may cause heating issues later on.
Thanks for any advice.

Whatever solution may be available will be orders of magnitude more difficult to implement than just dropping in an XT90

Add a resistor in series, then add a relay across that resistor, then add a timer circuit, see Amazon, that closes the relay after 2 seconds after power in. That way you have soft charge up and max amps during runtime.