Android APK for ATR

For you Android guys, if you use my ATR firmware you’ll probably like having this Android app I created, with the config options renamed to reflect what they do in the ATR firmware:
Android App APK

I don’t know much about Android, so don’t ask me - but I always had to delete/uninstall my old VESC app before I could load this apk.

Do I need this?
No, it’s just different text labels in the app - so for example it doesn’t say “deadzone” but “integral limit”

Can this be used with V4 firmware?
Yes, it’s just different text labels, but the app functionality is unchanged

@surfdado - if you’re building the APK yourself, you can change the package name to something like vedder.vesctool.atr or whatever, and that’ll let it be installed alongside the official version. You can also change the title to set it apart. At a quick glance, you should be able to do that via <vesc_tool_repo>/android/


I have an even better idea - how about I push my changes to github and you build/publish the apk?

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Sure, just lemme know when

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surfdado/vesc_tool at release_3_01_atr (

Alrighty - minor tweaks, but the VESC Tool now can co-exist alongside the official version, with a different name “VESC Tool (ATR)” so y’all can tell the difference.

Android APK (ATR)

Let me know if anyone runs into any issues?