About the Hardware, Parts and Tools category

This category is intended to be used to post topics and links on recommended (or not recommended) hardware, parts and tools to be used for custom builds. It is intended to publish and upvote links to purchase hardware, parts and tools as well as basic information on popular/recommended products such as datasheets and technical specs.

For example you might post a link to where others can buy a device such as the latest FOC or ESC boards, links to helpful parts or vendors, or datasheets or other information on relevant hardware , parts and tools.

You should not use this category for posting topics about troubleshooting of a specific issue with a piece of hardware, part or tool. If you had a major problem with something it makes sense to leave a comment about the issue you had on that part here, but not post an entire topic about issues or troubleshooting of it. Details on specific issues, troubleshooting and solutions for specific issues should be posted in the Troubleshooting - General category.