3 different ATR Tune Cards by VESCmann



You’re new to ATR? VESCmann Standard is my recommendation for you. You got POSI, Darkride, ATR with 30% downhill and 60% uphill adaption and a soft Turntilt enabled. The Amps to acceleration ratio is set to 8 to give you a proper torque feel. For additional center stability you can turn on the Booster (10 - 20A).

VESCmann Trick is the tune for all freestylers. This Tune doesn’t have a Duty Cycle Tiltback and the max speed (RPM) is set to 20 mph. Don’t race with this tune! But your benefits are a low free spin during slides, stalls and bonks. No Taildrags guaranteed :wink: The higher KP is good for all transitions and ramps.

VESCmann Carver is my favorite tune for casual cruising and group rides but it is a hidden weapon on trails and races. The punchy torque comes from the low Amps to Acceleration YawD = 5. OK in combination with the TORque pack this is a BEAST. Higher Turntilt results in a tight carveability and leads to more acceleration out of your turns. If you want it a bit stiffer and get more center stability just turn on the Booster (10 - 20A). Because I ride this tune with my lowered Thunder Rails there is a rather reactive adaption to up and downhills.

*note: all tunes work on lilFOCer 3.0 and 3.1 the only difference is in the IMU sample rate and the Tune balance loop.

LilFOCer 3.0 IMU sample rate = 800; balance loop = 800
LilFOCer 3.1 IMU sample rate = 416; balance loop = 832


I cant wait to try these out. So many variations, all we need now is quick selectable shapes in the app


I really enjoyed riding most of the basic ap setting buts of this tune this weekend - I’m
New to ATR in general so I don’t really have much to compare it to but it suited my riding - mainly I was looking for a baseline to try and get familiar with the nuances of atr - there are some things I’ll probably try and tweak just to suit my normal trail terrain a little bit more - but there wasn’t anything about this that I found lacking at all / it’s just really suited my style -

As always Hannes - great tune and I’d recommend for trail guys new to atr or ces. In general who might be starting out on atr…

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Hey Matt, glad to hear you like ATR! I bet we can get all your nosetilt needs met with the proper ATR configuration - let me know of any less then optimal behavior you come across!


Ok so I finally got around to properly educating myself on atr last night by reading the spreadsheet notes / I had no idea there were additional parameters adjustable in atr just by using decimal values after certain inputs / or that there was an atr control in nrf for instance.

Anyway I had a kind of brief trail run setting most of my values pretty much around whatever you cautioned as the extreme end of the acceptable parameters (because of well reasons…) and this thing can do even more than I was aware - my mate was setting up his drone and I was getting a bit impatient so I wanted to see how far I could get up a pretty rugged mountain side / I mean no trail just going full bush - it’s crazy what this can get up with atr values pushed a bit - I mean this thing was rolling up rocks and crap like I couldn’t believe -

I mean I love me my trails of course - but this thing is getting to where you almost don’t need trails - everywhere will be our trails at some point - just picking a line through forest lol …

I’m getting more firmly convinced that the upper limit is traction / it’s not power, it’s not geometry / it’s a matter of how steep you can go before your tire spins out…,

Anyway, all of you riders on atr who are digging it/ do yourself a favour and read the diy spreadsheet section on ATR (fully) - there is just do much more there, there…

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how do i download them