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VESC related questions here, for battery FAQs see here: FAQ - Batteries - Essentials - Getting Started - pev.dev

Q: Can I VESC a V1 OneWheel, or a Plus, or a Pint, or a Pint X, or a GT?

A: Yes the Plus or XR is the easiest to convert; Pint and GT require more DIY/soldering skills, they use custom proprietary connectors

Note on V1: it looks like the VESC motor control firmware has trouble with Transverse Flux Motors as used in the V1, so the board doesn’t perform very well.

Q: Can I VESC any version of OneWheel XR, i.e. 4206, 4208, 4209, 4212, etc?

A: Yes, even a 4213 can be VESC’d

Q: Can I load the VESC firmware onto an FM controller?

A: No, that’s impossible

Q: Do I need a tilt kit for W rails?

A: No, IMU calibration takes any IMU tilt into account

Q: Can I use any VESC compatible controller?

A: Yes, but the higher voltage ones are more suitable as they will allow for the kinds of speeds you’d expect. The OG VESC6 controller for example is limited to 12s batteries, so it’s not a great choice.


Q: Do I need to run the VESC tool app for riding?

A: No. You can just press the power button of your VESC and start riding. The VESC tool is only needed if you want to check battery live, speed, motor temperature or other rt data. Also if you want to change your shape, setup the motor or IMU.


reports conflict. its possible to have troubles for seemingly no reason as well.

Comment about V1 added, but more importantly: why is there no page about your V1 efforts yet?

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