Wiring diagram for stock XR battery harness connector?

Anyone have this? Specifically, if I’m looking at the molex connector end, which pin is the purple wire, which is the blue, etc.

In case anyone else comes here looking for a pin out, here’s a link to a great one Onewheel Vesc Builders | Facebook

Looking for the same answer. My setup: ZBMS, 18s2p 50s 75.6V battery. Putting an XT60 on a Plus harness for discharge path, but need to determine if remaining small-gauge wires from the harness are suitable for dedicated charge circuit (XT30) from the XLR port. Reserving 4 wires for the taillights, I have 4 wires to work with on the FM harness, and am wondering if there’s a popular way others have done this that I should follow.
The 4 wires (and FM pinout) are White (BMS A), Green (BMS B), Blue (PWR), Purple (XLR3+).
Any advice would be appreciated.