Startup DIY kit

Need to get my VESC running, controller is built and wheel turns on and goes through motor calibration fine. I’ve downloaded the Float Package and updated to Firmware 6.0 not to sure on the IMU setup can’t find a clear guide. After all that I try to use board but nothing, won’t even activate. Is this the settings or is my footpad connector messed up?

I’ve checked ADC1 and ADC2 and they both work properly show values around 3.26 when pressed on footpad so not sure why motor won’t engage when I activate both sensors

Set app to uart maybe its still on balance?

Check Faults adc voltages is set to 3 and yaw offset -90 or 180 check 3d realtime imu to see if its right

Definitely seems like the IMU is the root cause here if ADC Values are fine. Hopefully myself or someone else can make a guide on the new IMU Wizard soon

I got the sensor to start working but motor doesn’t turn one way consistently, have tried using -90, 90, and 180 yaw but still not tilting properly in RT data. App is using UART. Anyone have the correct values I need to enter, I looked at Vescmannn and surfdado setup but they don’t match with current version of app. I also tried using SoulRider’s motor config cheat sheet but it is still acting funky.

Invert motor direction should be. The last thing

No it’s not inverted motor, when I press fwd or rev it barley moves and motor crunches, but when I activate footpad the motor spins fast. Still having issues not sure what the problem is.

I’m having the same issue. Every IMU setup gives me different results. Pitch and Yaw are way off.

I think fwd and rev button are not working as I would expect. I cant spin motor via those

Motor will spin fast if its in the air, hold on to the board and carefully activate sensor with hands at center it should be stable not full throttle.

I got mine working and can ride but when I try and use the controls in app the board barley moves and then halts even when “clicking continue after release”