Floatwheel ADV LCM Firmware features / improvements / bugfixes

What’s an LCM?

The “Light Control Module” in the Floatwheel ADV/Pro controls the lights, a buzzer, as well as the power state of the controller. It runs basic firmware, so its behavior is changeable, tony published a copy of the source code.

What does it do today?

Someone please fill this in…

How do we want it to behave?

Developers: feel free to edit/extend this list as needed.

Riders: please add suggestions/requests as a comment to this post, please be as verbose as possible in explaining what it is you want and why you want it / why you think the current behavior doesn’t address your need.


  • delayed switching of forward/backward lights
  • fading lights
  • proxy buzzer for VESC (use the LCM buzzer to act as the buzzer for the VESC Float Package)
  • lights control via app
  • board shutdown via app (obviously only when not riding)


  • Buzzer glitch: If you don’t wait for the confirmation beeps when changing between lighting modes, the buzzer will either stop working completely or get stuck on


  • Charge Behavior
    ** Keep VESC powered on while charging
    ** Keep headlights OFF
    ** Use LED light bar to show charging status
    ** Turn off VESC and all lights when removing charger (provided rpm == 0)
  • Lights-off aka stealth mode


Ranking is based on a combination of urgency, usefulness, and difficulty to implement
(1) don’t turn off VESC while charging
(2) tbd


The following features have already been implemented and are being tested

  • Keep VESC powered while charging, PARTIALLY COMPLETE
  • Lights off mode

Would be cool if when the board is vertical for more than a few seconds, lights dim to minimum brightness and become a light bar that displays the battery %