Float Control Beta - Hidden Features

There’s a few features that aren’t obvious:

Tap on “Trip” to see a summary of the current trip
Double-tap the map symbol on the lower right to open the map (sorry no lock of zoom level while riding yet)

Long-press the temperature to switch Fahrenheit/Celsius
Long-press the voltage to switch to cell-voltage
Long-press the current to switch to battery-voltage
Long-press “Speed” to switch Metric/Imperial

Only with ATR firmware:
Long-press the graphical power scale on the right to enable “Remote Control” (when off the board)
Long-press the onewheel for Vesc config settings (changing while riding should be safe, but needs more testing, use with care!)

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how/where can we get the app?

In the Apple App Store. Search for Float Control

I may have spoke too soon. You can get the app from the Apple App Store but I don’t know if it is the version mentioned above. I am using the ATR v18 Firmware but the features don’t seem to work for me and the app only reports that I am running Vanilla Firmware. Hopefully the app in the store will get updated soon.