Connecting to PC VESC Tool with Bluetooth (How To)

I find the Desktop VESC Tool is the easiest way to load firmware and save config files, but I sometimes struggle with connecting the Controller to a PC via Bluetooth. Here is a quick guide to help:

Unfortunately you cant connect the controller directly to a computer. You must connect though a phone or tablet app.

  1. (Connect your controller to phone or Tablet with Bluetooth) I have difficulties connecting the Lil Focer with iPhone and use a Android Tablet for all of my tuning. Make sure your controller is not connected to any other apps like Float Control or it will not connect. Open VESC app on your tablet of phone and connect controller. Note that you cant connect the Focer Bluetooth through setting, its only recognized through the VESC app.

  2. Connect the connected phone or tablet to WIFI. Some public connections will not Bridge. I use my phone hotspot when away and on my laptop.

  3. Check the “Active Bridge” box on the lower left of the app’s main page. Make note of both the TCP Port and IP(s) numbers

  4. Connect your computer to the same WIFI and open VESC Tool

  5. Connections (Left) → TCP Tab (Middle Top) → Confirm Address & Port #s match → Connected Plug Icon (Top Right)

From here, you can reconnect with the connected plug icon in the tool bar on the right at if you lose connection.