ATR Firmware 101

interesting - I added a feature to warn me if I accidentally left an erpm limit in place that’s too low, you must have an erpm limit of 10,000 or less. This is dangerous, increase it

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Thanks. It was set right at 10,000. What is a safe value to have it at? I have a stock FM XR battery and hub.

I now have it set at 12,000 and it starts up great. I am glad that you put the beeps in there. I didn’t know that it was set too low. Thanks.

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2k is about 4mph, so 10k is equivalent to 20mph, 12k is 24mph - even that limit can be dangerous because with a stock battery you could reach 24mph on a full charge and if you’re daring enough, the last thing you want is to limit your speed by causing nosedives - I’d set this limit to at least 15k

use tiltback settings to limit your speed


Thanks for the help. I have adjusted the value tp 15000.

Hey surf, the “100_250” fw is compatible with the ubox 100A/100V units, correct? Mine is reporting HW ID as UBOX_SINGLE_100. Thanks.

I don’t understand the question. I know nothing about 100_250 - there’s a Ubox Single 100 firmware if you have a UBox100

Ah ok, google drive just wasn’t showing all of the binaries in the zip! Sorry!