About the Q&A - Troubleshooting category

Post questions here and hopefully smart people will answer them! Really though, this is where the community can share information as needed and our more experienced community members can help the less experienced.

Answers to people’s questions can be marked as the answer and answers can then be upvoted by others that also find it helpful. Users who help others will be recognized for their contributions to teh community over time.

Please keep posts in this category focused on a specific question (or issue/problem with your build) that you would like to receive an answer on. Higher level discussions, for example conversations about or ideas for features, design approaches, firmware enhancements, or other more general discussion topics should be posted in the General Discussion category.

This is the place to post any issues you may be having getting your build going for the first time, or any issues that you might be able to use some insight from smart people.